Best Scale to Check the Quality of Cement

The overall strength of any construction is depending upon the number of elements used in construction in which the quality of cement is at top position because a excellent cement always gives a desired strength to your building and if you are not using good cement in your construction, then the quality of the entire construction is at stake.

When you’re planing to make a desire construction site means you are planing to putting your heart, soul, and money into a building project So you need to use a best quality of material required for construction site including cement. If you are a builder or contractor then you need to check the quality of the cement during the preliminary inspection. Here we are sharing few tips to check the quality of cement.

Best way to check the quality of Cement

  • Brand of Company – You must check the brand name of cement which you are going to use in your construction site. A reputed brand always flow best quality of cement in market. This is does not mean a newest company offer low quality of cement but a brand company always use best quality of material in definite composition required for cement.
  •  Time of Manufacturing – The cement’s strength is lowered by 30 to 50 percent a year after it is manufacturing so better to check the time of it’s manufacturing to check the strength of the cement used in your construction site. Cement should be utilized within 90 days of its manufacture date.
  • Cement Color – The color of good cement is always consistent and the colour grey with a faint green tint distinguishes fine cement.
  • Temperature Of Cement – A bad quality of cement is always feel warm but a good quality of cement feel cool if you put you hand inside the cement bag.
  • Cement Floating – A good quality of cement flat on the water some time before sinking.

Final Words

These are some of the most crucial pointers to remember when working on a new building site. There are, however, more. Always keep safety in mind, especially when working on a construction site.

Because the durability and stability of building projects are dependent on the quality of cement used, it is critical to utilise reliable and genuine cement in any project.

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