Quality Control


Quality control defines the operational techniques and activities that are used to fulfil requirements for superior quality. At Purbanchal Cement Limited quality control activities are performed with complete accuracy.

Following the Steps to
Quality Control

  • To produce a good quality of clinker it is very important to select good quality of Limestone, Coal & other suitable additives.
  • The basic raw material used in the cement industry are Limestone and Coal. At Purbanchal Cement Limited we receive more than about 80% white limestone's from the Ichamati River which contains 96% purity. The remaining 20% black limestones containing 93% purity are sourced from Cherrapunji in Assam. Another important raw material that is Coal is received from Meghalaya.
  • At Purbanchal Cement Limited most senior and experienced persons are engaged for inspection and testing of individual trucks before the materials are unloaded on site.
  • At Purbanchal Cement Limited Limestone is crushed from boulders to a size of 6 mm, which is more than 70% by the assistance of three stage crusher units, vibrating screen & finally stocked at a stacker. Limestone from stacker is fed into the raw mill limestone hopper by selecting different percentages of limestone from different discharging gates. With the above processing the homogeneity of limestone is increased.
  • Similarly coal received from Meghalaya has high ash content which can't be fed directly into the process immediately after being received. At Purbanchal Cement Limited we prepare a targeted quality of homogenized lot of coal with the help of an excavator before feeding it into the process.
To prepare a good quality (Low Free-Lime & high C3S) clinker the following steps are undertaken:-
  • All the raw materials are tested by their compositions.
  • The raw mix design is prepared to produce a target quality of raw mix.
  • Coal is mixed to attain a uniform quality of ash percentage.
To produce good quality (High strength) cement the following steps are undertaken:-
  • % Clinker, % Fly Ash & % Gypsum are monitored on the basis of their physical and chemical test results obtained hourly and their daily average samples.

At Purbanchal Cement Limited quality control norms are fixed, followed and maintained. Samples are collected from different points of process and communicated to the control room after testing. The control room operator takes necessary actions to maintain the quality parameters fixed at different points.

At Purbanchal Cement Limited the Chemical & Physical parameters of the final product are ensured as decided by Bureau of Indian Standards before they are dispatched to the market.

Physical testing of construction materials

Purbanchal Cement Limited conducts physical testing of construction materials at its plant which includes testing of cement and aggregates as per IS specifications.

Following are the tests conducted on coarse and fine aggregates, and on concrete under NABL accreditation:
  • Sieve Analysis
  • Water Absorption
  • Surface Moisture
  • Material Passing through 75 micron sieve
  • Elongation & Flakiness Index
  • Specific Gravity
  • Concrete Cube Testing services

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The operational techniques and activities that are used to fulfill requirements for quality are followed meticulously at Purbanchal Cement Limited. Quality control activities are performed under strict vigilance making us ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified.