Technical Services Cell

The Surya Technical team consisting of more than 12 qualified Civil Engineers having good exposure in cement industry, is dedicated to render site services during pre or post construction phases. The team is well equipped with Rebound Hammer & other equipment all across the state, for in-site tests in front of customer.

The cell has been instituted with the objective of:

  • Cement & concrete testing facilities at site level.
  • Helping service for economical construction activities.
  • Training of artisans for the betterment of the society.
  • To provide on-site services to individual house builders.
  • Technical assistance to adopt correct construction practices and economical use of cement.
  • Guidance in casting of RCC roof slab.

Rebound Hammer

Rebound Hammers are used for the Non-destructive measurement of the concrete / mortar compressive strength and for the control of the uniform concrete quality and for detecting weak spots. It is a very easy and useful tool for performing tests in any type of RCC construction.