Most cement manufacturing companies transport cement over several days and weeks to reach the markets in Assam. Multiple handling of materials occur during this process, including change of warehouses. This causes damage to the cement bags thereby reducing the binding strength of cement due to its contact with moisture.

The main philosophy behind putting up a cement plant in the main cement market hub of Assam by Purbanchal Cement Ltd., was to ensure that we provide our consumers fresh cement directly from the plant. This ensures higher cement binding, comprehensive strength and better workability of the concrete thereby offering a different yet important value proposition to the end consumers.

To keep up our commitment of supplying fresh and best quality cement to the people of Assam, the Company has entered into long terms contracts with the transporters and have also kept a fleet of trucks to assist in the swift delivery process.

No wonder, due to superior logistic support and location advantage more than 90% of the materials are directly dispatched from the plant to the end consumer and the dealer network.


  • Fresh cement and less handling gives the Company an edge in developing high quality cement with better strength.
  • Direct supply of cement to the Customer Site without use of hooks and in factory fresh condition.
  • Assurance of guaranteed quality & quantity of product up to the usage point.
  • The chances of adulteration/ pilferage during transit are minimized.
  • The satisfaction ratio of our customer increases by receiving the product in a sealed condition.