Company Profile

Purbanchal Cement Limited is one of the most coveted Group of Companies in Eastern India, having an Integrated Cement Manufacturing Unit at Sonapur, Kamrup (Assam).


Purbanchal Cement Limited has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 & 14000:2004 Certification on Quality and Environmental Management system.

Promoted by the leading lights of the Indian Industry, Purbanchal Cement Limited has been delivering best quality Cement contributing to the growth and development of infrastructure in India, individuals, commercial and others with their consistent quality and services.

Our brand Surya Cement and SURYA CONCRETEC are synonymous names in the Building Material Industry, and it is our aspiration to become the most respected and preferred brand in the market we operate.

Purbanchal Cement Limited is dedicated towards manufacturing and marketing of quality Cement to serve various sectors in the North East. We are engaged in the manufacturing of PPC, OPC and specially designed cement named Concretec Cement as per BIS standards.

Our Products

Surya Cement

PPC or Portland Pozzolana Cement is a kinds of blended cement which is processed by clinker, 15-35% pozzolanic and 4% gypsum material. As per BIS, PPC is a 33 grade cement. PPC makes the concrete more impermeable and dense by reacting with calcium hydroxide freed... more..

Surya Concretec

Concrete Design and Construction Practices today are driven by strength. Normal cement is used in general purpose works. Modern developed countries and developed cities in India have started using high grade concrete, where specialized higher grade cement is needed... more..


Our goal is to become the most preferred cement producer in the North Eastern region of India, while strictly adhering to the prescribed standards of safety and environment friendly practices.


Keeping up with the modern innovation in the technology involved in producing cement at a competitive cost. Bringing in products and quality innovations to meet the local conditions and specific end user's requirements, thus becoming the most respected and rewarded brand for the end consumer.

Group Profile

Purbanchal Cement Limited is a part of the renowned Maithan Group, founded in 1963, which is now a Group comprising of eight companies engaged in refractory, ferroalloys, iron and steel, power, mining, cement and exports.

Maithan Group is a leading player in Eastern India in the core manufacturing sector and is among India's top five players in the refractory and ferroalloys business. All our companies have economies of scale and leadership positions within their respective sectors in the country.

At Maithan we try to leverage our core competency to fuel sustainable growth. Prudent fiscal management and embedded strategic thinking are the key drivers for expansion. We have always entered sectors in which we have in-depth knowledge of the market and experience in similar operations.

Our Objectives


Production of PPC, OPC-43 and OPC 53 and clinker at the most economic cost and marketing them efficiently.


Capitalizing on the fact that our factory is nearest to the market, invariably providing fresh cement to our customers for 50% stronger and more enduring constructions.


Achieving cost effectiveness through optimum capacity utilization, total productivity management and superior human resource.


Deploying a dedicated team of talented professionals and allowing them to assimilate with the Group's business ethics of transparency, consistency and integrity.


Working towards the safety of our people and making the organisation almost a zero-accident company.