Surya Cement OPC



We manufacture two types of Ordinary Portland Cement:-

Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) is a product obtained by intimately mixing together calcareous ( lime, chalk etc.) and argillaceous (Clay, shale etc.) with or without other raw materials containing silica, alumina or iron oxide, and burning at a high temperature and finally grinding the resulting intermediate product "clinker" with a predetermined proportion of gypsum.

As per BIS guidelines, different types of OPC are included under IS269-2015 It has been possible to upgrade the qualities of cement by using high quality limestone ,modern equipment, closer on line control of constituents, maintaining better particle size distribution, finer grinding and better packing.

Application Areas:

  • RCC works (Preferably where grade of concrete is M-25 and above)
  • Precast concrete items such as paving blocks, tiles building blocks etc.
  • Precast items such as blocks, tiles, pipes, poles, sleepers etc.
  • Runways, concrete Roads, Bridges etc.
  • RCC works (Preferably where grade of concrete is above M-30).
  • Asbestos products such as sheets and pipes.

Unique Features

Helps in rapid growth of construction activities.

Economy of project cost- reduction of cement content with proper mix design of concrete.

Early removal of formwork helps to expedite the construction activities.