Fresh Bulk Cement

Cement Supply in 16,000 kg. Environment Friendly Bulkers

By supplying factory fresh cement to the big construction sites Surya Cement has initiated the beginning of new era in the Construction Industry of North East India.

As per an international survey, more than 90% Cement is being supplied to the big projects by Bulkers as against only 1% in India. The supply through Bulker has now become essential need of construction Industry as this not only saves the packaging cost, but simultaneously this is an environment friendly process as disposal of non-cyclable cement bags has now become a big problem for bulk consumers of cement.

The weight loss during spillage & damage of cement in warehouse is significant. This can be saved & the customers get full value of their money with the evacuation of entire quantity by specially designed compressors fitted with the bulker. The wastage loss during godown operation is measured as high as 6-7% by weight which can be eliminated by this process. Further due to supply in form of intact Bulkers, the chances of quality deterioration due to attack of moisture has been ruled out.

This facility is quite beneficial for Ready Mixed Concrete Manufacturers, Pre-Cast Concrete Element Industries, Big Infrastructural Projects, Real Estate Developers and Contractors etc.