Clinker Manufacturing

Purbanchal Cement Ltd. is engaged in the production of Clinkers and Cement in Assam.

The lime stone is crushed in primary and secondary crusher and conveyed to the storage hopper. Each raw material/consumables such as crushed lime stone, additive and iron dust are weighed as per designed quantity and fed to raw mill for grinding. The grinded raw mix through the pre -heating system is feed to the Kiln. All the process parameters are being controlled through PLC system and closely monitored by the senior Process Engineer in three shifts.



The cement manufacturing process begins with limestone, the basic raw material used to make cement:

Typically shale provides the argillaceous components:

  • Silica (SiO2, Aluminium (Al2O3) & Iron (Fe2O3)
  • Limestone provides the calcareous component:
  • Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3 )
  • Raw materials may vary in both composition and morphology.


The limestone is combined with clay, iron ore and sand. It is then ground in a crusher and fed into.


Next, the fine powder is heated as it passes through the Pre-Heater Tower into a large kiln. In the kiln, the powder is heated to 1500oC. This creates a new product, called clinker, which resembles pellets about the size of marbles.