CSR Initiatives

We believe success is not only achieved through growth in the operations of the company, but also through the developmental activities that we undertake in and around the area of our activities. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been a key focus area for the company. The Group enhanced focus on village healthcare and education services by opening and aiding various educational institutions and presently running a philanthropical Eye Hospital with technical help from Lions Sight First Foundation.



Medical Health Check-ups is one of the core part of the CSR activities initiated by our organization. Check-ups are organized every year in and around the nearby villages of the Plant Area. We valued first preference to the Health & Safety of our Employees since the inception. Details of a few initiatives undertaken by us in the sphere of healthcare is given below:

(Plume of Freedom to Adolescent School Girls)

The Deuka Programmme was organized by Surya Cement in October 2019 on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti with the theme "Swachhata Hi Swaasth He" means Cleanliness is Health at Tamulikuchi M.E. School Campus, Dist- Kamrup(M), Assam.

It is very difficult to discuss on Feminine Hygiene issues at home and in the neighborhood as women do not speak in front of male members even at home, because it is still regarded as something unclean or dirty in our society and it is linked with several misconceptions and practices, which sometimes result into adverse health outcomes.

Inadequate menstrual protection makes adolescent girls (group 12-18 years) miss 5 days of school in a month (50 days a year). Around 23% of these girls actually drop out of school after they started menstruating. Incidents of Reproductive Tract Infection (RTI) is 70% more common among these women.

The Feminine Hygiene depends upon awareness and knowledge about the subject. Under the prevailing circumstances, the management of M/s Purbanchal Cement Ltd (Surya Cement) has aimed to conduct a mission program on Menstrual Hygiene to bring awareness amongst the Girls students of its nearby schools along with their mother and teachers (female). The entire program was conducted in close door hall only with Female Doctors, Paramedical staff, Aasha Karmi. No male member have been allowed to enter the main session which was represented by the Female Senior Doctors.

The programme was inaugurated by the president of Surya Cement Mr. Sunil Kr. Agarwal and Mr. Prasanta Jaganath -BEEO (Block Elementary Education Officer) lightening the lamp. Mr. Sunil Kr. Agarwal- president of Surya Cement stated in his inauguration speech that we are very much concerned about the health of students whether it is male or female, both are vital for a health society and wellbeing of the state.

In this awareness program, two guest speakers (Female Doctors) were invited to share their knowledge:

In 1st Session of the programme Dr. (Mrs.) Prativa Agarwal - Sr. Gynecologist of Indira IVF Center from Guwahati shared her knowledge on Puberty Changes & Precaution projecting some images on screen (with Projector) all pertaining to the subject matter. She explained to all present Girls students from class VII to X and some women from the nearby villages and interacted with the students as she reported after completion the camp.

In the second session of the program Dr. (Ms.) Sthapana Sharma Asst. Prof - Dept. of Community Medicine Guwahati Medical College shared her knowledge on the subject: Menstruation Hygiene & Nutrition-Issues frequently faced by women and girls adolescent. She also spoke after conclusion of the camp that she did many programmes for women hygiene in various occasions, but this programme has got a different millage as the students had gathered courage to ask questions on various health issues specially on Menstruation and this was possible as the programme was conducted only in the presence of female participants. She explained that any problems pertaining to Menstrual Hygiene were always suppressed due to shy feeling and hesitation. Once women and young ladies feel free to speak, they will share their relevant problem on the issues related to menstrual problem.

In the meeting all the female teachers from both the School (Tamulikuchi High school and Tamulikuchi M.E School ) were present so that it helped the student to speak frankly in front of all about their problems if any. Aasha Kormies  from nearby villages were also present. Among the notable Ladies from both the villages namely, Ms. Dalimi Rohang, Ms. Bhabani Baishya Laskar, Ms. Geeta Rongpee Ms. Rashmi Teron Ms. Nirmali Pathak Laskar were present in the meeting and they were very much happy of acquiring knowledge about many health issues related to Menstruation Hygiene. They appreciated the management of Surya Cement for their initiative for organizing such a programme which is exclusively for women and Adolescent Girls students.

Aims of this programme:

  • I.To promote Feminine Hygiene amongst girls students of Tamulikuchi High School, Tamulikuch M.E School, Sarutari L.P School and Marogula L.P School of the age group of 11+ years.
  • II. To elicit the beliefs, conception and source of information regarding Feminine Hygiene (menstruation) amongst the School girls to reduce absenteeism and Reproductive Tract Infection (RTI) diseases.
  • III.To increase knowledge about Women Hygiene (menstruation) right from childhood may escalate safe practices and may help in mitigating the suffering during the menstruation period.
  • IV. To find out the status of Women (menstrual) hygiene among adolescent girls and the manner in which a girl learns about menstruation and its associated changes may have an impact on her response to the event of menarche.

Targeted Beneficiaries: The total beneficiary through this programme were 150 girl student and 50 women (Mother and Female teachers.) = Total 200 beneficiaries.

Activities Carried Out:

  • 1.Free Sanitary Pads were distributed amongst the Girls Students with a piece of small bath soap.
  • 2.Awareness Speech was held by Physicians for School Girl Students.
  • 3.Distribution of IEC (Information, Education and Communication) materials on Feminine Hygiene.
  • 4.Arrangement of light packet lunch for all present students and Ladies, as the awareness programme ran for 3 hrs.

On 31st March, 2018 a Health Camp was organized at Sarutari L.P School, Dist. Kamrup (M) Assam as a part of the periodical health check-up of school students and their parents. The Camp was inaugurated by the Village Headman Mr. Ratan Ranag and the program was carried out under the guidance of Dr. S. Borah, Dr. Paranjoy Bordoloi, and Dr. N.N Borah of Guwahati, Assam.

On 31st March, 2017, a Mega Health Camp was organized at Tamulikuchi High School, Dist. Kamrup (M) Assam in coordination with ESIC, Assam for health check-up of village people. All employees with their families and school students with their parents were treated at the Camp where various medical tests like Pulmonary Function Test, Spirometry and X-ray of PA view has been carried out under the leadership of Dr. Marium Kujur Borthakur, Administrative Medical Officer, ESIC, Assam.

The Mega Health Camp was inaugurated by Dr. (Mrs.) M.K. Borthakur - Medical Administrative Officer of ESIC, Assam. The president of M/s Purbanchal Cement Ltd. Mr. Sunil Kr. Agarwal welcomed all the concerned Medical Staff present at the Camp. In this Camp more than 9 Nos. of Doctors and 20 Nos. of paramedical staff rendered their services. More than 500 village people benefited out of the Mega Health Camp.

In the camp, school children and villagers from the villages close to the factory were also given free medical services along with all insured persons covered under the ESI scheme. This initiative undertaken by M/s Purbanchal Cement Ltd. in regard of health of all workers as well as villagers was much appreciated. Local youths from surrounding villages extended their cooperation to make the camp a grand success.

In the awareness meeting, Dr. M.K. Borthakur, AMO, ESIC, Assam spoke on the ESIC schemes, its benefit and procedure of enrolment for the employees and the employer. She also highlighted that the ESIS scheme is an endeavour to provide more benefits and coverage to the people of Assam. It has engaged private medical practitioner as Insurance Medical Practitioner (IMP) in areas where ESI dispensaries were not available. In Assam, presently there are 24 ESIC dispensaries and 14 IMPs.

Medicines worth 3 lakhs was distributed among the beneficiaries, 12 No ECG, 55 No RBS and 50 Haemoglobin test was done during the camp. However, 70 no beneficiaries were given pneumococcal vaccine.

On 9th Feb, 2017 a Tuberculosis Awareness Camp to create awareness on Tuberculosis was organized at the Plant Premises amongst the 200 employees. Spirometry and Sputum Test of 30 persons were collected for analysis to monitor whether there is an existence of the disease as per the advice of the doctors.

Dengue Awareness Campaign was held at the PCL Plant in Association with ESIC Model Hospital, Jayanagar, Guwahati, Assam.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Camp was held at the PCL Plant in Association with Assam State Aids Control Society, Guwahati, Assam.

Health & Eye Check-up Camp was held for the villagers of Sarutari, Tamulikuchi where PCL provided Free Medicine amongst 210 people. Free Eye Check-up and Eye Surgery Scope was advised to the patients in association with Shankardev Netralaya Eye Hospital, Guwahati, Assam.

We are providing 24 hrs Ambulance service to the villagers of Marogdula, Sarutari, Tamulikuchi, Sonaigaon, upto Kamalajari whenever there is any emergency since any ambulance services from Govt. Authority is not readily reachable at the locations.


National Safety Day is celebrated every year on 4th March at the PCL Plant.


Education based Programs like "Surya Cement Merit Scholarship" for a better environment of education and competition among the students of Sarutari L.P School and Morogdula L.P School. PCL also awarded "Surya Cement Merit Award" for the satisfactory result in their class examination and HSLC examination.

Awareness Program for Higher Studies, Science Exhibition and Competition among the School Students of Tamulikuchi ME School, Sarutari LP School and Morogdula ME & High School was held on 28th February, 2013 at Tamulikuchi School Campus Byrnihat, Kamrup, Assam.

Renovation work of Morogdula L.P. School Building was executed by changing the damaged roof with new asbestos roof, painting of School Building walls etc.

Technical tour for the students of Kamalajari High School of class IX and X was organized to induce technical and general knowledge required for their high school level studies.

"Kalaguru Bishnu Prasad Rabha Divas" celebrations were held at Tamulikuchi High School Campus on 20th June, 2016. Rabha sangeet, recitation of poem and art competition were organized and 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes with a memento for each winner were distributed in the three events. Distribution of books, note books, pens etc. was organized for the Students on Bishnu Rava Divas at Basistha Chariali Hindi M.E. School, Beltola, Kamrup Assam on 20th June, 2016.

School bags were distributed to the nearby Sarutari village and Kamlajari village schools.

Water tanks with water pump set and submersible pump sets were distributed at different schools and nearby villages and time to time maintenance of the same was provided, including drinking water to the students of Tamulikuchi High School, Tamulikuchi M.E. School, Sarutari L.P. School, Marogdula L.P School, Kamalajari High School & Kamalajari M.E. School.

'World Literacy Day' was observed at Moragdula L.P. School. Scholarships were distributed to the merit list students, distribution of pictorial books among primary school students, and lectures were also delivered.


Village Development initiatives undertaken by the Group includes

In keeping with the local cultures of the people that is required maintaining harmony in relationship among all communities, the Company has extended all necessary support required for the celebration 'Bihu Utsav' organized by the villagers every year. Provisions are made for the organizing committee right from the preparation of Bihu Festival to organizing drinking water for a gathering of more than 20,000 people. The Assamese singing sensation, Mr. Zubeen Garg performed at the event.

Financial assistance in favour of Krishna Guru Sewa Sammittee, Moupur and other villages for Construction of temple and religious development.

A Training program was organized on the occasion of National Youth Day amongst the villagers of Tamulikuchi, Sarutari and Morogdula Village on pig and goat farming and it's benefits. Animal Feedings, Measures to be taken on animal infectious diseases, proper vaccination for the animals, measures to be taken at the time of their new birth etc. were also discussed at the event for the better development of animal farming.


Water sprinkling on village roads with two dedicated water sprinkling tanker on a daily basis. Supply of water on any occasions to nearby villages.

Repairing of roads at Sarutari village to 14th Mile Road, Byrnihat which is the village's main road with earth filling, levelling, etc.


The 1st Edition of our Wall Magazine name 'Surya Cement' was published and inaugurated by our Hon'ble director Sri Madhur Agarwalla and Sri Robin Gupta at our Plant. Sri Sunil Kr. Agarwal, President and Sri P.K Konar, V.P (W) and other employees were also present at the inaugural function.