How Surya Cement Manages the Physical Fitness of its Workers

How Surya Cement Manages the Physical Fitness of its Workers

Employees are the biggest assets of every organization, and the ultimate goal of employers is to ensure they give their best. For any workforce to reach the zenith of productivity, they have to be fit, physically and mentally. Physical fitness of employees is directly connected with organizational productivity.

To strengthen its relationship with employees, healthcare is one of the key facilities provided by any organization. Over the years, Surya Cement has taken several steps to manage the well-being of its staff. It is considered one of the best workplaces in India in the manufacturing industry that goes the extra mile to keep employees content.

Surya Cement: A Pioneer in Staff  Well being

When it comes to the physical fitness of employees, Surya Cement has been emerged as one of the pioneering companies to prioritize health. The company believes that fit employees don’t just work energetically but also motivate others to perform equally well. They excel both personally and professionally. This is why Surya Cement nurtures every employee with multiple initiatives along with an enabling ecosystem.

Amazing Advantages of Fitness Programs

Surya Cement is an employee-friendly company and is known for elevating industry standards in the human resources department. Here are the positive outcomes noticed by the organization after introducing fitness-related programs for the well-being of employees:

  • Enhanced team morale
  • Improved health
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Reduced healthcare expenses
  • Positive work environment
  • Increased worker engagement

Worksite Programs for Supporting Physical Activity

Irrespective of the setting, resources, type and size of the workplace, there are multiple ways in which companies can help employees become physically active. Some of the excellent strategies that worked wonders for Surya Cement are:

  1. Providing access to programs, locations and facilities that encouraged employees to stay agile
  2. Setting up competitions that empower employees to work on their fitness and meet team goals as well as individual targets.
  3. Encouraging physical activities through incentives and policies
  4. Inspiring employees to take brief breaks and exercise in groups
  5. Educating employees regarding the benefits of physical activities such as cycling, walking, swimming, etc.


Surya Cement prioritizes the physical fitness of its valuable staff. Healthier and fitter employees stay happy and they are less susceptible to stress at the workplace. This also lessens risks of chronic ailments and creates a fitness culture that attracts top talents in the company. The organization also offers medical insurance to its employees and their family members.

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