OPC and PPC cement Cost in India

The cost of the products of PPC Cement varies between Rs 340 to Rs 370 for every bag from Jun 2021 to May 2022. The OPC cost is approximately 300 rupees for every bag and it is quite expensive in comparison to OPC. In PPC, the expensive clinker is used instead of pozzolanic material like fly ash. Finally, the price of PPC is less than that of OPC.

Cost Depending Factors of PPC and OPC Cement

  • Raw material cost – The price of raw material improves by 60 percent to 70 percent in 1 year. We observe a buoyancy in the price of cement. This will decrease burden of improving cost of raw material.
  • Labor cost – For the concrete project, the cost of Labor is approximately Rs. 70 to 75 for every foot or Rs 2500 to 2650 for every cubic meter. For PCC, the Labor Cost is approximately Rs. 30 to 35 for every square feet or Rs. 320 to 400 for every cubic meter.
  • Shipping cost – In India, the cost of transportation is approximately Rs.1.03 for every ton km. The cost improves when there is uploading of material and moved on road for certain distance.

What is Ordinary Portland Cement?


It is for different industries of construction. This consists of Argillaceous, utilized for normal construction work in normal soil. This is for masonry facilities. It is resistant to shrinking problem or cracks. The setting time is fast and it is good for constructions which need quick removal of the props.

What is Portland Pozzolana Cement?

The full form of PPC is Portland Pozzolana Cement. This is for hydraulic structures, construction or marine structures. It is close to water body and the example is dam. PPC represents fine cement; and it is the perfect choice for plastering. It will offer remarkable finish for decorative material and art sculpture. The cement is friendly for the environment. It includes recyclable materials.

Application of OPC & PPC Cement

  • Application of OPC – OPC is in creating multistoried buildings, dams, roads and bridges. It is useful for creating flyovers where there is strength along with fast setting.
  • Application of PPC – PPC will be the product of future. It is for different applications in construction field. It is quite friendly for the environment. They are good for the hostile conditions of environment. It is resistant to corrosion. It is good for construction of masonry mortars. This is great for marine structure, plastering and hydraulic structure. It is good for mass concreting projects like sewage pipes, dykes and dams.

FAQ Related OPC and PPC Cement

What is the cost of PPC cement per bag?

The cost of products of PPC cement varies between Rs 340 to Rs 370 for every bag from June 20’21 to May 2022.

Which cement is perfect for waterproofing activity?

For waterproofing, the 43 Grade Cement OPC seems to be the right choice.


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