Application of OPC & PPC Cement

Surya Cement is a leading cement manufacturer in India, producing high-quality cement products that are suitable for various construction projects. Among the cement products that Surya Cement produces, two of the most commonly used are OPC and PPC cement.

Applications of OPC and PPC Cement

OPC Cement Application:

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is the most commonly used type of cement in construction projects. It is made by grinding clinker and gypsum together, resulting in a fine powder that hardens when mixed with water.

OPC cement is suitable for a variety of construction projects, such as:

  • RCC Structures: OPC cement is ideal for the construction of Reinforced Concrete Cement (RCC) structures such as buildings, bridges, and dams. Its high compressive strength and durability make it perfect for such projects.
  • High-rise Buildings: OPC cement is also used in the construction of high-rise buildings because of its high compressive strength. It helps to withstand the weight of the building and the external forces acting on it.
  • Pre-stressed Concrete: OPC cement is used in pre-stressed concrete structures, where the concrete is subjected to tension before the load is applied. The high strength of OPC cement makes it perfect for pre-stressed concrete structures.

PPC Cement Application:

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) is another type of cement that Surya Cement produces. It is made by combining OPC clinker, gypsum, and pozzolanic materials such as fly ash, volcanic ash, or silica fumes.

PPC cement has several advantages over OPC cement, including:

  • Better Workability: PPC cement has better workability than OPC cement, which means that it is easier to mix and spread.
  • Lower Heat of Hydration: PPC cement generates less heat during the curing process than OPC cement. This is particularly important in large construction projects, as excessive heat can cause cracking in the concrete.
  • Environmentally Friendly: PPC cement is made by using waste materials such as fly ash, which would otherwise be dumped in landfills. This makes PPC cement more environmentally friendly than OPC cement.

PPC cement is suitable for various construction projects, such as:

  • Masonry: PPC cement is perfect for masonry projects, such as bricklaying, plastering, and flooring. Its better workability makes it easier to apply and spread.
  • Marine Structures: PPC cement is resistant to saltwater and seawater, making it ideal for marine structures such as bridges, docks, and jetties.
  • Underground Structures: PPC cement is perfect for underground structures such as tunnels, sewers, and underground parking garages. Its resistance to water and chemicals makes it ideal for such projects.


What is the application of opc cement in civil engineering?

OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) is one of the most widely used types of cement in civil engineering. It is suitable for a variety of applications, including concrete, mortar, and plaster construction work. Also OPC cement is known for its high strength and durability, making it ideal for construction projects that require strength and stability, such as bridges, dams, high-rise buildings, and other structures that require long-term durability.

What is the Advantage of PPC Cement?

  • The water cement reaction produces strength giving compound and calcium hydroxide. Pozzolana of PPC reacts with calcium hydroxide and produces additional strength giving compound. This continuing reaction increases the strength and durability of structure.
  • Due to higher fineness, PPC produces more strength giving compounds and thus results in increased water-tight (Impermeable) structures.
  • Water – PPC reaction evolves least heat. Higher heat evolution develops higher temperature gradient causing strain and cracks even in new structures…Read More


Both OPC and PPC cement have their unique applications in construction projects. Surya Cement produces high-quality OPC and PPC cement products that meet the needs of various construction projects. By choosing Surya Cement, you can ensure that your construction project is built with the best quality cement products.

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